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Released: Oct 2, 2011
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(x) Error / bug (fix)

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Version 2.2

Release date:

(+) Added PropertyHelper.IsPropertyAvailable
(+) Added OnViewModelEvent so the InterestedIn attribute also provides events of
other view models the current view mode is interested in
(+) All controls with generic view models (UserControl<TViewModel>, etc) now have a
method OnViewModelPropertyChanged so it is very easy to track view model changes
(+) Aded ExposeAttribute for WPF which allows even easier exposing of model properties
in a view model simply by decorating a model property with the ExposeAttribute
(+) Added EffectsHelper class that is able to dimm and blur a FrameworkElement. The new
default mode of the PleaseWaitWindow is Blur
(+) Added Argument.IsNotNullOrEmptyArray() method
(+) PropertyHelper now has TrySetPropertyValue and TryGetPropertyValue
(+) Added support for WPF 4.5
(+) Added support for Ninject as external IoC container
(+) Added MouseInfo behavior (very useful for Silverlight which is missing IsMouseOver)
(+) Added NumericTextBox behavior
(*) Moved controls and windows from Catel.Windows to Catel.Windows.Toolkit to
separate the additional controls from the MVVM toolkit. This also saves some
space on the other assemblies (silverlight, WP7) because some images are no
longer required
(*) Catel now logs all tracing to the console for Silverlight applications
(*) DataObjectBase has now a more object oriented approach for validation. Instead of
calling SetFieldError and SetBusinessRuleError, simple override the validate methods
which provide a list of validation results. This way, validation could be completely
separated from the DataObjectBase and re-used
(*) log4net is replaced by a more generic logging solution
(*) Minimized number of times a dictionary is accessed for the same item, as well as changed
all event handlers to a thread-safe invocation manner
(*) Item templates now use $viewname$Model. This way, if a CustomerView is created, it will
automatically be linked to CustomerViewModel instead of CustomerViewViewModel
(*) IMessageService now also supports callbacks in case custom message boxes are used
(x) DataWindow margin in Silverlight is finally fixed by customize the style of the ChildWindow
template and setting it manually (but it is still possible to override the styles)
(x) All issues with the InfoBarMessageBar in Silverlight are now solved
(x) Argument.IsOutOfRange, Argument.IsMaximum and Argument.IsMinimum now also work on WP7 (which
by default is not able to compile binary expressions)
(-) Removed Security.Cryptography.CryptHelper
(-) Removed Catel.Reflection.PropertySorter
(-) Removed Catel.IO.File, Catel.IO.FileWatcher and Catel.IO.Directory

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very good framework to work with
by benny856694 on Oct 25, 2011 at 11:03 AM