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Released: Dec 6, 2011
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Catel history

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Documentation can be found at: http://catel.catenalogic.com


Version 2.4

Release date:

(+) Added Authentication behavior that allows easy disabling, hiding or collapsing of
UI elements based on the runtime result of IAuthenticationProvider
(+) PleaseWaitService in both Silverlight and WPF now support determinate modes besides
indeterminate mode
(+) Added OnDataContextChanged method to UserControl<TViewModel> in Silverlight
(+) Added ViewModelPropertyChanged event to IViewModelContainer so it is no longer required
to subscribe/unsubscribe to the view model itself in parent view model containers if
your are only interested in property changes of the view model
(+) Added IsLoaded property to UserControl<TViewModel> and the behavior in Silverlight
(+) Added DelayedBindingUpdate behavior
(+) Added DynamicEventListener to be able to subscribe to dynamic unknown events
(+) Added the possibility to inject an Action into the DoubleClickToCommand behavior to allow
the execution of a delegate when the behavior is created via code
(+) Added LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger() to simplify the retrieval of the logger for the
current class
(+) DataWindow in Silverlight now supports IsDefault and IsCancel by handling the KeyUp for Enter
and Escape
(+) Added Focus behavior to set focus via a behavior
(+) Added KeyPressToCommand behavior
(+) Added Argument.IsSupported check which throws a NotSupportedException if not supported
(+) Added SafeInvoke support for INotifyPropertyChanged and INotifyCollectionChanged
(+) Added WeakEventListener to easily subscribe to long living instances without causing memory leaks
(+) Added ILog.ErrorAndThrowException<TException> convenience method to log and throw an exception at
the same time
(+) Added IValidator and IValidatorProvider to support external validators
(+) Added IValidationContext to retrieve all validation results of an object
(*) Changed default value of enabled state in Silverlight for non-Control UI elements
(such as Grid) to true instead of false (fixes a bug where EventToCommand would
not work for a grid)
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: renamed ICommandAuthenticationProvider to IAuthenticationProvider
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: overload of constructor with dictionary of services is no longer available. New
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: ControlToViewModelAttribute is now called ViewToViewModelAttribute
overloads with a custom IServiceLocator are now available which is a much better way
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: log classes are no longer protected but private so each class has it's own logger
and it is easier to see what logging comes from what class
(*) Enabled automatic tombstoning for WP7
(*) Improved DoubleClickToEvent trigger so it behaves better in a ListBox with a custom ItemTemplate
(*) All controls now load resources at runtime so it is possible to change a new UI culture for
Catel at runtime
(*) DataWindow now has it's own styles to the styles can be changed more easily, see
DataWindow.generic.xaml. Also built in protection if a derived class of the DataWindow also
changes the content in OnContentChanged
(*) Window logic is a bit more generic so it also supports third party windows
(*) TypeHelper has some small performance improvements for TypeHelper.GetTypeByAssembly

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