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Release Notes

Catel history

(+) Added
(*) Changed
(-) Removed
(x) Error / bug (fix)

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Documentation can be found at: http://catel.catenalogic.com


Version 3.0

Release date:

(+) Added non-generic UserControl with same behavior as UserControl<TViewModel>
(+) Added non-generic DataWindow with same behavior as DataWindow<TViewModel>
(+) Added non-generic Page with same behavior as Page<TViewModel>
(+) Added non-generic PhoneApplicationPage with same behavior as PhoneApplicationPage<TViewModel>
(+) Added several collection extensions (MoveItemUp, MoveItemUpByIndex, MoveItemDown, MoveItemDownByIndex)
(+) Added ViewHelper to instantiate views with a specific DataContext which can be either via injection
or by setting the DataContext manually (all wrapped up in 1 method)
(+) IUIVisualizerService and INavigationService can now resolve views based on view model without
actually instantiating them
(+) Added indent options to ILog interface (and implementation)
(+) Added HideValidationResults property to DataObjectBase so the validation does occur, but the validation
results will not be exposed through the error interfaces such as IDataErrorInfo
(+) Added additional methods to the Argument class
(+) Added additional methods to the TypeHelper class to retrieve all information about a type
(+) Improved naming convention so it supports the UP constant to use relative naming conventions in the
UIVisualizerService and ViewModelLocator
(+) Added PreventInvocationIfAssociatedObjectIsDisabled property so the EventToCommand trigger can work, even
when the AssociatedObject is disabled
(+) Added IDispatcherService to invoke methods using the dispatcher. The Dispatcher property on the ViewModelBase
is now marked obsolete, use the IDispatcherService instead
(+) Added Modifiers property to EventToCommand to allow a modifier to be used in combination with an event
(+) Added CommandParameter to the DoubleClickToCommand behavior
(+) Added PleaseWaitService for Windows Phone 7
(+) Added tombstoning methods to the PhoneApplicationPage to allow custom view tombstoning logic
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: the DataWindow now only supports MVVM and cannot be used in its old form
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: moved ObservableCollection extensions to new namespace (Catel.Collections)
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: UIVisualizerService no longer registers types automatically. Views must be registered
manually or follow one of the (can be customized) naming conventions
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: NavigationService no longer registers types automatically. Views must be registered
manually or follow one of the (can be customized) naming conventions
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: WeakEventListener methods for PropertyChanged and CollectionChanged have changed and are
now available without specifying the event name
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: Removed ViewModelBaseWithoutServices, there is now only a ViewModelBase
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: Simplified lots of calls to services. An example is the IMessageService, of which lots of overloads
are removed and default parameter values are introduced. This gives a better understanding of what a method does and
this way you don't get lost in all the available methods
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: Created separate assemblies of the Gyroscope and Compass services for Windows Phone 7 so older
devices are supported out of the box as well
(*) Simplified the StackGrid by letting it derive from the Grid control directly
(*) All obsolete validation calls in the DataObjectBase (and thus ViewModelBase) now caused compiler errors and
will be removed in the next version

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