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Released: Jul 8, 2012
Updated: Jul 8, 2012 by GeertvanHorrik
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Release Notes

Release date:

Fixed since RC 1:
(+) Added BindingUpdateBehaviorBase so it is easier to create behaviors that update a binding
(+) Added DependencyInjectionHelper so it is possible to use dependency injection for any type
(+) Added ModuleBase in prism extension
(+) Re-introduced TraceOutputControl in Catel.Extensions.Controls
(+) Added generic prism bootstrapper so it is easier to instantiate a shell (just define the shell type)
(*) Major performance improvements when (de)serializing xml in large AppDomains. Types from assemblies
are now cached instead of retrieved for every single type
(x) DataObjectBase.SetValue no longer fails if value is a dynamic COM object and does not meet the property
type specification
(x) Fix in Enum<T>.TryParse, no longer throws exceptions when it fails to parse
(x) Fix in very rare and hard to reproduce issue where the .NET runtime keeps calling OnDeserialized on
objects that are already deserialized and can cause a stackoverflow

Fixed since beta 5:
(+) Added CommandBehaviorBase, CommandEventTriggerBase, CommandTriggerActionBase and CommandTriggerBase to
easily create any expression blend behaviors or triggers that support commands, command parameters and key
modifiers. All behaviors and triggers in Catel that support commands now also support command parameters and
key modifiers out of the box.
(+) Added ObjectToStringHelper to easily convert an object (even when null) to a string
(+) Added TypeHelper.ConvertTypeToVersionIndependentType and TypeHelper.GetInnerTypes methods
(+) Added MessageRecipient attribute to easily subscribe to the message mediator
(+) Added HashHelper.CombineHash to generate a unique hash for a combination of hashes
(+) Added ServiceDependency markup extension to easily allow retrieval of services in the ServiceLocator in xaml
(+) Added MemberInfoExtensions to get the signature of a ConstructorInfo or MethodInfo
(+) ServiceLocator now supports dependency injection for constructors when resolving types
(+) Added virtual property IDispatcherService.CurrentDispatcher to be able to customize the current dispatcher
(*) ServiceLocator now always instantiates services when external container synchronization is enabled to make sure
all containers return the same instance of the services
(*) DispatcherObservableObject now uses DispatcherServer.BeginInvoke instead of DispatcherService.Invoke
(*) IEditableObject.BeginEdit no longer throws an exception when it is called twice, which comes closer to the
behavior as explained on MSDN
(*) Moved TypeHelper.AreObjectsEqual to ObjectHelper.AreEqual
(*) Several improvements to the prism bootstrapper in Catel.Extensions.Prism
(x) Fix in SerializationHelper (binary) when using GetValue due to wrong string format string
(x) IDataErrorInfocolumnName and IDataWarningInfocolumnName can now correctly handle string.Empty property changes

Fixed since beta 4:
(+) Added DispatcherObservableObject which invokes all change notifications on the UI thread
(+) Added FocusFirstControl behavior for NET35 and NET40
(+) Added ForceCloseAfterSettingDialogResult to WindowLogic and WindowBehavior
(+) added IMessageRecipient.UnsubscribeRecipient to unsubscribe all handlers of a single
recipient instance at once
(*) WindowLogic and WindowBehavior now support FrameworkElement instead of Window so 3rd party
classes such as the RadWindow are also supported (not deriving from Window)
(*) All projects are now completely warning free (treat warnings as errors is true)
(*) UIVisualizerService is now more flexible and supports more types, including those not deriving
from Window (but, for example FrameworkElement)
(*) CanGoBack and CanGoForward are now virtual on the NavigationService
(x) Small fix in DispatcherService.BeginInvoke when no dispatcher is available
(-) Removed FilterTextBox for NET35 and NET40

Fixed since beta 3:

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I was waiting for multiple file selection in OpenFileService for a long time! Thanks Geert!
by luigi_bellanca on Jun 20, 2012 at 8:34 PM