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Version 1.4

Release date:

(+) Added support for Windows Phone 7 and Silverlight 5 (beta)
(+) Added support for complex and nested (de)serialization of SavableDataObjectBase
for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7 (WPF already had this implemented)
(+) Added support for the ControlToViewModelMapping attribute in Silverlight and
WP7 (ViewModel to Control only)
(+) Added ICommandAuthenticationProvider so it is possible to add role or other
authentication methods to MVVM commands
(+) Added ViewModelBase.OnViewModelCommandExecuted to be able to be notified when
an interested view-model has executed a command
(+) Added Argument class to validate arguments easily and log and throw exceptions when
an argument does not meet a specific condition
(+) Added support for INotifyDataErrorInfo and INotifyDataWarningInfo in DataObjectBase
and thus also the ViewModelBase
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: EventToCommand trigger is now located in the Catel.MVVM namespace
instead of the Catel.MVVM.Commands namespace to match the other command classes
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: Simplified the IViewModel interface so all methods now have a
'ViewModel' postfix so the actual methods on the ViewModelBaseWithoutService
does not have to be casted explicitly to an IViewModel instance
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: IViewModel.Initialize is now obsolete and logic can now be
implemented in the constructor of the view-model. The next version will actually
remove the call and break the build if it is still used
(*) DataObjectBase serialization now uses a custom KeyValuePair object called
PropertyValue to (de)serialize property values because KeyValuePair is not
serializable in Silverlight and Windows Phone 7
(*) EmptyRow and EmptyColumn for StackGrid are no longer focusable by default
(*) EventToCommand trigger is now compatible with Windows Phone 7
(*) Command implementation now double checks whether execution of a command is
allowed before calling Execute because some controls directly call Execute
without checking CanExecute
(*) ViewModelBase now flattens hierarchy for view-models to allow deriving of
view-models, which is very useful for designer purposes
(*) View-model services are now only instantiated when really needed (lazy loading)
(*) UserControl.Loaded event does not garantuee a visual tree, so a call to ApplyTemplate
is added in the Silverlight implementation of the UserControl<TViewModel> to garantuee
a visual tree in the user control. Same for DataWindow and PhoneApplicationPage
(*) Renamed all projects so they include the version of the target framework, such as
Catel.SL4 and Catel.SL5 instead of Catel.Silverlight
(x) Fixed bug in UserControl<TViewModel> in very rare situations that the old
view-model was not correctly removed as datacontext. Also made the class implementation
much easier to understand (but this doesn't make the material itself easy)
(x) Fixed issue where view-models without properties were equal and thus never overwritten
in a SetValue call on the DataObjectBase

See http://catel.codeplex.com/workitem/list/basic

Known bugs:
See http://catel.codeplex.com/workitem/list/basic

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