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Released: Oct 27, 2011
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(*) Changed
(-) Removed
(x) Error / bug (fix)

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Version 2.3

Release date:

(+) Added new (non-generic) overloads in ServiceLocator for registering types
(+) WP7 version now supports tombstoning out of the box (automatic view model recovery
after recovering from tombstoning)
(+) Added support for the Castle Windsor IoC container
(+) Added option to provide a callback as default value for properties defined on the
DataObjectBase (and thus ViewModelBase) so it is possible to truely set a default
value for a reference type
(+) Added support to (de)serialize the DataObjectBase to json and back
(+) Added AdvancedPropertyChangedEventArgs which provides the old and new value in case
of a property change
(+) Added full support for data annotations. For example, if a view model property is decorated
with the RequiredAttribute, the error is gathered and even provided to the ValidateFields and
finally exposed via the IDataErrorInfo interface (all validation eventually ends up in one place,
the IDataErrorInfo)
(*) Only public constructors on view models are now used by the LogicBase
(before, also private constructors were used, but this doesn't work on
SL and WP7)
(*) Moved implementation of IXmlSerializable from SavableDataObjectBase to
(*) .NET implementation now uses DataContractSerialization for serializing data to
xml so the classes can be used in combination with WCF as well
(*) DataWindowButton now only accepts delegates without parameters
(*) Major performance improvements when (de)serializing interfaces via xml
(*) Registered change event handlers using RegisterProperty are no longer called on refresh
updates (for example, errors changed). This can solve some rare bugs and is a small
improvement on performance
(x) Fixed a bug where commands defined as ICommand are now also recognized,
where previously only interfaces or objects implementing ICommand were
(x) Finally fixed complex xml serialization in Silverlight and WP7
(x) Fixed issue that it was possible to cancel a view model after it was already
closed. IF a view model is closed, the Save, Cancel and Close no longer handle
(x) Fixed very rare issue in MefHelper
(x) Fixed issue for xml serialization using DataContractSerializer when collections contain
interfaces instead of actual types
(x) Fixed issue for xml serialization with more than 3 levels deep using the default
DataContractSerializer class
(x) Fixed issue with StackGrid being initialized several times in Silverlight
(x) Fixed issue where the WarningAndErrorValidator would clear the Source property when being
unloaded and causing the InfoBarMessageControl not to show up again
(x) Fixed issue where the UserControlLogic would not update a value when it is initially null
in a master/detail scenario
(x) Fixed EventToCommand issues with Windows Phone 7 Mango
(x) Fixed issue where the UserControl<TViewModel> prevented a datacontext change to be successful
in case when the initial datacontext value was null
(-) Removed LLBLGen support (was deprecated anyway)

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