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Release Notes

Catel history

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(*) Changed
(-) Removed
(x) Error / bug (fix)

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Documentation can be found at: http://catel.catenalogic.com


Version 3.1

Release date:

(+) Added OnDataContextChanged and OnPropertyChanged to UserControl, DataWindow, Page and PhoneApplicationPage
(+) Added DependencyPropertyHelper and DependencyPropertyChangedHelper to allow subscribtion to dependency property
change events, even in Silverlight and WP7
(+) Added Silverlight and WP7 support for ViewToViewModel attributes
(+) Added TabControl for WPF that will not unload the tab items from the visual tree when a tab is deselected
(+) Added AsynchronousCommand which allows async command execution that does not block the UI thread
(+) Added WatermarkTextBox for WPF
(+) Added FilterTextBox for WPF
(+) Added Memento pattern implementation (undo/redo support for objects and collections)
(+) Added OnModelPropertyChanged method to ViewModelBase to easily get model change notifications without having
to care about event subscription/unsubscription and memory leaks
(+) It is now possible to determine the view model type for a view based on the datacontext value at runtime
(+) It is now possible to instantiate view models manually based on the current datacontext value at runtime, this
method is even more flexible and gives more controle than the GetViewModelType() method on the view. This method
allows to re-use view model instances in multiple different views
(+) Added Tag property to ILog interface which is the type name by default. However, this tag can be customized to
categorize the logging
(*) UserControlLogic now wraps the user control in a grid which will contain the ViewModel as DataContext. This way,
the logic is made much easier and more stable, and saves lots of performance and other enhancements
(*) Extended ValidationContext with HasWarnings and HasErrors properties, as well as with GetWarnings
and GetErrors methods
(*) IEditableObject is now implemented explicit on the DataObjectBase, as well as some IDataObjectBase members
that are rarely required
(*) IViewModelContainer for Silverlight must also implement PropertyChanged (which is possible using the helper class
named DependencyPropertyChangedHelper) to allow ViewToViewModelAttributes to work in SL
(*) Postfixes in naming conventions are handled a bit better (only the exact postfix is removed, not anything that comes
after that)
(*) UserControl now has a DefaultSkipSearchingForInfoBarMessageControlValue to set application wide behavior for the
SkipSearchingForInfoBarMessageControlValue property
(*) Improvements to DeferValidationUntilFirstSaveCall where it now hides the validation results (thus validation will
continue). This way, it is possible to query validations via the ValidationContext, but still provide UX where the
user must save the object at least once before validation results show up in the user interface
(*) When an expose attribute is used on a view model in WPF, the dynamically created type descriptor now calls the property
on the view model instead of a direct call to SetValue / GetValue
(*) DoubleClickToCommand in WPF now uses AddHandler and RemoveHandler to allow double click events even when the control
marks the routed event as handled
(*) Several performance improvements
(*) It is no longer required to call the base when overriding ViewModelBase.Close
(x) Fix where custom default action would not be handled on a key press (enter) by the DataWindow
(x) Fixed all binding errors in the UserControl in nested user controls scenarios
(x) Fixed bug in CollectionHelper where 2 different collections containing the same object reference would cause
an endless while loop

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