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Released: Sep 9, 2012
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Release Notes

Version 3.3

Release date:

Fixed since RC 1:
(*) Argument.IsOfType now ignore COM types because they cannot be checked

Fixed since beta 2:
(+) Added Module Manager View
(x) Bug fix in case-insensitive search

Fixed since beta 1:
(+) Added ViewModelToViewConverter for WPF
(*) ValueConvertBase now implements MarkupExtension in WPF and SL5
(*) Enhanced the BooleanToGrayscaleConverter so it can be customized
(*) TypeHelper now supports case-insensitive search for types
(x) Fixed issue where re-using the same view model instance in a nested user control scenario caused a stackoverflow exception
(x) Fixed issue where EventToCommand.DisableAssociatedObjectOnCannotExecute was not working correctly
(x) Fixed issue where the designer was not always able to load views in silverlight

(+) Added support to task smooth progress notification of an executing task by SplashScreenService when
the viewmodel type of the splash screen window is specified
(+) Added support to notify progress of an ActionTask through of ITaskProgressTracker interface.
(+) Added support to the SplashScreenService to notify the progress via IProgressNotifyableViewModel
using IUVisualizerService
(+) Added SplashScreenService to execute a batch of enqueued tasks and notify the progress through IPleaseWaitService
(+) Added support to type resolution with object life cycle or style management (Singleton or Transient) for
ServiceLocator including it's synchronization with external containers that support this kind of instantiation
(+) DataObjectBase xml serializer now supports XmlIgnore, XmlElement and XmlAttribute attributes
(+) Introduced IAdvancedNotifyPropertyChanging with AdvancedNotifyPropertyChangingEventArgs which allow
the developer to prevent a property change from happening
(+) Added INotifyPropertyChanging interface for SL4
(+) Added ViewModelBase.IsSaving property
(+) Added ExceptionService to create a generic exception handling policy for an application
(+) Added UpdateBindingOnPasswordChanged behavior
(+) Added IViewManager to find a view that uses a specific view model
(+) Added IViewModelManager to find all view models of a specific model
(+) Added PropertyData.IncludeInBackup on the DataObjectBase to ignore specific properties from being supported
in the IEditableObject implementation
(+) Added actual implementation for ViewModelBase.HasDirtyModel
(+) Added IServiceLocator.RegisterInstance(Type, Object)
(*) BREAKING CHANGE: IViewModel.Canceling now supports CancelingEventArgs and allows the cancel to be canceled. This
also counts for the CancelViewModel and CancelAndCloseViewModel methods, which now behave the same like Save
(*) TraceOutputControl now supports log messages from any thread
(*) InfoBarMessageControl now supports multiple WarningAndErrorValidator elements at the same time
(-) Removed json support in DataObjectBase. It is better to use an external json serializer like json.net
(x) TagHelper.AreTagsEqual now checks the casing for tags as well
(x) Fixed issue where ReflectionExtensions.IsInstanceOfTypeEx would return false for an integer that is
defined as a long. The IsInstanceOfTypeEx now also checks for implicit cast options
(x) ViewModelBase.UnregisterCommands is now safer with try catch when setting a property to null fails
(x) Fixed issue with hierarchical xml serialization and collection types that shared interfaces
(x) Fix to prevent unneccessary view model instantiation due to a bug in WPF 4 (sentinel nodes)
(x) Fixed issue in IViewModelLocator where postfixes were removed, even though it were not real postfixes. For
example, 'MyNameViewer' will now resolve 'MyNameViewerViewModel' instead of 'MyNameerViewModel'
(x) Fixed issue where PleaseWaitWindow was not thread safe in all cases
(x) Fixed designer issue when classes call LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger in design m

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