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Released: Dec 15, 2012
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Release Notes

Version 3.4

Release date:

(+) Added DownloadingModuleCatalog for Silverlight to quickly set up prism applications using Catel and Silverlight
(+) Added FastObservableCollections which supports raising single events while adding/removing multiple items
(+) Added ModelBase.LeanAndMeanModel property to suspend both validation and change notifications at once
(+) Added ObjectHelper.AreEqualReferences to check for reference equality. This method however also assumes that value types
with the same value are equal. This method is now used in the ModelBase.SetValue
(+) Added WindowEventToCommand behavior for WPF to easily subscribe to window events
(+) Added ViewModelBase.OnClosing and ViewModelBase.OnClosed methods
(+) Added UserControl.CreateWarningAndErrorValidatorForViewModel to prevent the creation of the WarningAndErrorValidator
for a control when it is not being used
(+) Added ModelBase.SuspendValidationForAllModels to suspend all validation for all classes deriving from ModelBase
(*) InfoBarMessageControl.SubscribeWarningAndErrorValidator and UnsubscribeWarningAndErrorValidator are now public
(*) WarningAndErrorValidator now checks both visual and logical tree instead of logical tree only for InfoBarMessageControl
(*) CacheFactory is marked obsolete, you can now directly construct the CacheStorage class
(*) ViewModelClosedEventArgs now contains the IViewModel instance that has been closed
(*) When validation on the ModelBase is suspended, it will no longer validate values via data annotations. As soon as the
validation is enabled again, the properties will be checked
(*) Updated the Activate extension method (from Prism extension) to ensure the viewmodel's parent-child relationship.
(x) Fix in DebugLogListener for chrome where it sometimes throws an unhandled exception (the browser itself)
(x) Simplified and improved the way change notifications are implemented for non-WPF technologies
(x) Fixed the fake DirectDependency binding error
(x) Fixed centering issue and status update issue in PleaseWaitService for Silverlight
(x) Fixed several issues in view model lifetime management and the navigation service for Windows Phone
(x) Fixed designer issues where the callstack would complain about _logic which is null
(+) Added WinRT support (beta)
(+) Added Windows Phone 8 support (beta)
(+) Added NavigationViewModelBase which adds Back and Forward commands
(+) ServiceLocator now supports service registrations with tags (such as names, but any type is supported)
(+) Added Catel.Extensions.CSLA to support CSLA ViewModelBase in combination with Catel
(+) Added Argument.IsNotNullOrEmpty for the Guid class which supports Guid.Empty checks
(+) Added AuditingHelper which automatically adds auditing for an instance of IViewModel. This way, it's easier
to create custom implementations of IViewModel where only the events have to be implemented
(+) Added ViewModelCommandManager which now manages the commands of a view model. This way, it's easier to create
custom implementations of IViewModel where only the events have to be implemented
(+) Added IServiceLocator.TypeRegistered event which is invoked when a type is registered
(+) Added ITypeFactory which caches constructors for type instantiated to ensure the best performance possible
(+) Added IDispatcherService.BeginInvokeIfRequired as additional feature to the dispatcher service
(+) Added expiration options to the CacheStorage, renamed CacheHelper to CacheFactory
(+) Added Navigate behavior for the Hyperlink control in WPF
(+) Added ServiceBase to Catel.Core so it is easy to derive custom services from now on without having to implement the
base logic yourself on every project


Reviews for this release

Great framework. Thanks for your work.
by IvanKupriyanov on Feb 5, 2013 at 7:22 AM
Not strong named - can't use it in my system. Would love to - think it would be great.
by philboyd on Jan 25, 2013 at 2:13 PM
I tried many frameworks for MVVM. But this one is the best. Thank you very much.
by mze666 on Dec 30, 2012 at 1:17 PM
Thanks for very nice framework.
by AlexJustin on Nov 5, 2012 at 6:07 AM